Sobha Hartland by Sobha Realty - Umme Maria


Sobha Hartland follows the principles of urban design, the likes of which haven’t been seen in Dubai. Our philosophy of community living, borrows from the great cities of the world-Paris, Barcelona and Rome. The rectangles in our design drawings follow the golden ratio of art. A seamless flow is maintained in public and private interfaces, allowing human interaction. The residences are cleverly laid out to maximize open space and privacy of the spatial, visual and acoustic kind. Sobha Hartland is a homogenous masterpiece upholding the virtues of urban design with great attention to detail.
Sobha Hartland is built around a simple, yet life-changing vision of weaving nature into everyday living. A place unlike anywhere else in the world. Over 2.4 million square feet is dedicated to nature.
Open spaces are artfully landscaped. Mature tree canopies cover pathways. Parks and walking tracks set amidst lush greenery and flowers, awaken and delight the senses.
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